Welcome to your new virtual pilot career through Flight Simulator

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Pilops is under development and will be available soon.

What is Pilops?

Pilops is a virtual world built to increase your immersion and create a career/campaign dynamic inside Flight Simulator.

In the Pilops universe, you need to concern about the quality and safety of your flight, fuel, cargo, passengers, deliveries, financial return, aircraft and airport management.

The Pilops universe is based on some pillars:


The Pilops universe was built for you to immerse yourself in an advanced logistics system to transport virtual passengers and cargo.

Small, medium and large airports have different demands. You, as a manager and pilot, directly influence the supply/demand within the Pilops universe.


Economy is the central point of Pilops. All cargos and passengers have different prices based on distance, weight, and type.

Evaluate your options and worry about the financial return for each flight.


Aircraft are your source of income in the Pilops universe. Fly, buy or rent larger aircraft and have the highest profit possible in each available flight option.

But also be careful with fuel and aircraft maintenance. You don't want to get stuck at a small airport without fuel options.


Make good flights, treat your virtual passengers well, and ensure good ratings. Worry about maintaining your aircraft and evolve in the Pilops pilot career.